Abraham Solicitors

Specialists in Criminal Defence, Motoring Offences and Regulatory Breaches

We enjoy a national reputation earned over a number of years for achieving successful outcomes for our clients based upon commitment, hard work and tenacity.

From initial investigation, often providing assistance at the first police station interview, right through Magistrates Court and Crown Court we will be with you all the way giving advice, support and the best possible representation to protect your interests.

Our experienced staff have many years experience in dealing with all types of casework covering a multitude of serious cases.

Serious crimes involving large scale drugs supply, murder, high value complex fraud matters are all currently being dealt with by members of our team whilst on a local level we also are able to deal with matters that may be viewed as more routine and less serious but are approached with the same care and attention as the most serious cases.

The one thing we never lose sight of is that to an individual client their case is often the most significant matter ongoing that effects their life and future. Our promise is to help you come through difficult times and take pressure off you by listening to you and then applying our skills and knowledge to achieve the best results for you.

If you need help and support call us today. or in in the area visit or office.