Motoring Offences

The significant increase in speed cameras throughout the UK has resulted in record levels of prosecutions and disqualification from driving for motorists. Additionally prosecutions very often arise following road traffic accidents. Frequently poor investigation by the Police fails to identify the proper cause or where fault lies.

Our solicitors have access to independent expert accident investigators who can provide reliable evidence to challenge prosecutions. The risk of disqualification from driving very often has profound effects on individuals as they are aware that it can lead to loss of employment, business failure and other similarly catastrophic consequences.

We offer assistance to clients that is designed to minimise the difficulties they may face. Very often, the first that person knows of such a matter is when a computer-generated letter is received from the police advising that an offence has been committed. In many cases, this will result in court proceedings.

We offer assistance at all stages of the process and before making any response, we recommend that you contact our solicitors for advice.

Prompt intervention can often prevent a prosecution commencing or, if prosecution does commence, the risk of penalty points or disqualification can often be avoided. If you cannot find the information you need on our website, please contact our solicitors in Wrexham or Mold, and we will do our best to assist.