Abraham Solicitors Fees

At Abraham Solicitors, we welcome the Solicitors Regulation Authority’s new guidance in relation to the publication of fees.

For too long the public have been mislead about the costs of engaging solicitors and of course we feel we can add real value to all cases utilising our experience, skill and local knowledge. We feel strongly that we can offer the same services as many of the specialist firms but with the added edge of being local to the courts.

Many applications rely on Magistrates’ discretion. We offer advocates that those Magistrates know and trust from years of appearing before them on a regular basis.

We will not instruct agents, we will not instruct barristers at a cost of thousands of pounds because we do not believe that strengthens your case. We believe in our solicitors and in charging appropriate fees.

In the majority of criminal cases legal aid is available if you pass the threshold tests for seriousness and means. We discuss this in detail with anyone who seeks to instruct us on these matters and we would advise that you make an appointment (free of charge) to discuss legal aid when charged or summonsed for a criminal offence.

In relation to motoring matters our private fees are set out on our terms of business. Our charging rate is the non-London rate of £180 per hour. However, following many years of working in motoring courts we agree with clients to limit our fees as follows:-

  • Motoring trials at £600 + VAT (£720)
  • Special Reasons trials £600 + VAT (£720)
  • Single Exceptional Hardship hearings at £400 + VAT (£480)
  • Single plea in mitigation hearings (speeding, due care etc) £300 + VAT (£360)

Clearly, every case is different and often, following discussions with clients we can sometimes limit the costs at lower than these figures, it of course depends on the amount of work necessary for the case.

It should also not be taken that just because we limit our costs at a certain figure we will stop working after that amount is reached. We agree a figure to give certainty of costs and we will do everything required in every case as clearly, our reputation is our most important commodity.

We have over the years established a reputation for being one of the busiest firms in the area when it comes to motoring and we do this whilst being what we consider to be excellent value for money, particularly when compared to other firms who will seek to justify much higher fees.

Of course if your case requires expert’s reports or other disbursements external to our fee, we will discuss this with you in detail.

If you would like any further information on our fees, please do not hesitate to contact us on 01978 291600 or on the email addresses provided.