Guide to Exceptional Hardship

When you reach 12 points you can avoid disqualification

Most motoring offence convictions carry a risk of penalty points being endorsed on a driving licence and an accumulation of 12 points in a three year period will lead to a ‘totting up’ disqualification.

The court have an inherent discretion not to impose a disqualification form driving in limited circumstances when an exceptional hardship argument is accepted. Most people would believe that the loss of employment would come within this category and would find that asking the court to take this into account would cause them to escape disqualification. Unfortunately they will frequently find such a plea falling on deaf ears.

There is no exhaustive list of matters that can be provided as to what does amount to exceptional hardship but we have extensive experience of successfully assisting clients to demonstrate that the effect of disqualification would be so great that the court can properly find that they can exercise their discretion not to impose a disqualification.

Each case depends on its individual circumstances and requires careful presentation to the court. For assistance please contact our Solicitors.