Police Station Investigation

Investigation at the Police Station for any offence

Abraham Solicitors operate 24 hours a day to provide immediate assistance to any client who is facing investigation and interview.

This service ensures that no client is left exposed to the risk of harming their position by saying or doing anything without the benefit of legal advice.

The police station interview is often the most pivotal part of any criminal case. It is not being over-dramatic to say that cases can often be won or lost on what was said or done at this initial stage.

It is for this reason we advise all our clients that having a solicitor at the police station is free of charge and should always be taken up. You should not presume delay is a factor as our solicitors live locally and during the day our Solicitors in Wrexham can be at the police station within 10 minutes if necessary.

Even if you yourself are not in custody, but you are a relative of someone who is, you should contact us immediately so that we can make arrangements to attend.

Finally, if you have already been interviewed and are on police bail, please feel free to contact our solicitors to discuss your case. Although you have already given an initial interview you may be re-interviewed or the Police may wish to deal with you without the need for going to court. In all cases the earlier you are able to obtain legal advice, the better for your case, and often, the more confident you will be in dealing with what can be a very stressful experience.

Clients who are held in custody or facing voluntary interview for imprisonable offences will qualify for advice and assistance under the legal aid scheme.

For all other situations we will be able to accept instructions on a privately funded basis. The same high quality service will be provided in all cases by our qualified staff.