About Us

Abraham Solicitors are a firm of specialist criminal defence solicitors based in Wrexham. However our service is available throughout England and Wales.

Each solicitor within the company has chosen to concentrate their development within a niche defence practice where they are able to provide a tailored service to their clients.

We operate in one single field of law, in order that we can achieve the highest levels of service, results and client satisfaction through the application of our commitment and expertise.

Abraham Solicitors is regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority and holds a Legal Aid Authority Specialist Quality Mark in the “Crime” category.

Our services are available to all sections of the community either through private funding or legal aid. Legal aid is usually available to members of the public with an income of less than £22,000 pa. All matters in the Crown Court are covered by legal aid subject to some means limits.

You should never assume cost will be a factor in your case. All advice at the police station is free of charge and this is why we always tell our clients that you should take up this option to get advice whilst it is definitely free, and the earlier you obtain advice, often the better for your case.