Special Reasons

There may be reasons to avoid penalty points altogether

This is another area of law that relates to disqualification from driving.

In very limited circumstances when a defence cannot be raised to a charge but evidence can be presented that the circumstances surrounding the offence were such, that a disqualification from driving should not occur, the court have discretion not do do so.

Examples dealing with emergency situations are very often cited, other examples could be where you were misled into believing you had insurance or that you only drove a very short distance.

These arguments are put forward where you have to accept that you committed the offence but the reasons behind it are such that the Magistrates can decide you should not be punished with points on your licence. Medical emergency is the simplest example, for example, rushing to hospital due to an emergency is not a defence to an offence of speeding, but clearly you should not be punished with penalty points if this is the case.

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